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A New Cardmaking Bible

If you're a customer of Art 'n Soul in Lacey, WA or you attend consumer scrapbooking shows somewhere in the U.S., then you probably have seen and/or met Judi Watanabe, founder of JudiKins. I hadn't talked to her for quite some time and missed seeing her at CHA in January. Now I'm sorry I didn't connect with Judi, because I could have told her in person how wonderful and inspiring her new book is. "The Complete Photo Guide to Cardmaking" has more than 800 large color photos, providing you with excellent step-by-step instructions.

This is the ultimate in books about cardmaking. Judi covers so many techniques and the array of card designs is amazing. It's the photography that really makes this a true "Bible" of cardmaking. Even the experienced card maker will find this book very helpful. There is also an index of the products she has used with source information on each.

I honestly don't remember where I read about the book. It had Judi's name on it, so I ordered it immediately. The sample cards that are shown at the JudiKins' booth at the consumer shows are beautiful. The cards that Judi creates in the book are just as beautiful.

This book is available through Amazon.

I'll be back tomorrow with another card. I've been immersed in really cleaning out the studio; most of the treasures ended up out in the house so I could figure out where I wanted what. I was able to put "likes with like" since quite a few of the same supplies ended up in diffferent places and tucked in with ongoing projects. No wonder I purchase a lot of duplicates! The floors and rug have been vacuumed. The large center craft table has been wiped down, vacuumed and re-organized. My sister-in-law will be helping me this afternoon; I think she's going to be overwhelmed at first sight.

Thanks for stopping in. I do hope you'll gift yourself with this amazing book!

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