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Waiting for Perfection

This quote says it all about my blog. If I waited for perfection, it wouldn't happen. When I started this blog, I just wanted to share with you what I'm doing and what I like. In trying to post most every day, it does become a challenge to create something for each day. My desire is to not always stay within the comfortable box and but rather leap outside it. Whether or not it's perfect is not the point; the deed is that I've traveled outside the ordinary and known to something new and untried. As I become more organized in my studio, I'll be able to leap outside to the unknown and untried more often, or elements of new, as I work on a project.

Today, I've ventured out to try the Chameleon Color Tones. They offer a blending nib and chamber in the same barrel and allow you to achieve various grades of the same color with just the one pen color. I've had these for quite a while, unused! Here we go . . .

Magenta Style, Chameleon Color Tone Pens, IMAGINE Crafts, Tsukineko

I stamped the image with Memento dye ink that works very well with alcohol based markers. I practiced with the Chameleons on a scratch piece of card stock before starting out.

Once the coloring was done, I went back with the blending pen to take out any colors outside any of the lines. I added the sentiment with VersaFine ink.

The stamped panel was adhered to the A2 base card .

Magenta stamps:

Iceland Poppy 14.650.P

Margaret Mead Quote 2 07.911.I

Chameleon Pens: Burgundy RD5; Dark Sage GR2; Spring Meadow YG3; Warm Sunset Y03

IMAGINE Crafts' featuring Tsukineko: Memento Ink in Tuxedo Black; VersaFine In in Onyx Black

Conqueror 118# Cover Card Stock in Diamond White (stamped panel)

Curious Skin 100# Cover Card Stock in Pink (base A2 card)

It's not perfect but I'm pleased with my first effort using the Chameleon Pens. At first I thought it was taking more time than I liked to place the colored nib into the mixing chamber and waiting for the infusion. Once I was more comfortable with the pen, I felt it was no more time than what it would take for me to reach for another color pen to blend the color out. I'm sure that with more practice, I'll find it is much faster. What's even better are the 30 additional colors that are now available this year from the original limited set.

They're worth giving a try. I have no relationship with the company and offer this initial opinion totally on my own.

So while we're working with alcohol based markers, check this out on the Copic website where they show how to make glass and steel look real.

Copic Markers

Click on this link to see the step-by-step tutorial:

Have a fabulous Friday! Thanks for stopping in.

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